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Safety Station Vending Machines

Safety Stations are designed to dispense Personal Protective Equipment such as safety vests, safety glasses, ear protection, batteries, first aid (eye wash etc.)
The Stations can be placed in convenient locations throughout the workplace providing 24/7 access to PPE. Safety Stations are fitted with a card reader so that employees can access PPE with a safety card issued by their employer.
When a selection is made the card reader records the Safety Station number, the time and date, employee ID number (from the card) and a description of the product dispensed.
Safety Stations are available in various sizes and models. A typical Station would have 40 selections for PPE products with each selection having 10 to 25 products available, depending on product size. More popular products such as gloves and glasses will have more than one selection.

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What PPE items can the Stations dispense?

The only restriction for dispensing PPE is the physical size and weight of an item. Products such as safety vests, safety glasses, earplugs, batteries and first aid would be ideal items for a Safety Station.
Heavy or unwieldy personal items such as heavy helmets and boots would be unsuitable as they require to be fitted to the worker. It is also generally necessary that these items are worn onto a site. Any unusual item that a company
would like to dispense can be forwarded to Vendpro for evaluation.

Safety Access Cards

Safety Access Cards are similar in size and design to a standard ATM card and have an individual embedded serial number. They can be printed with your Company’s name, logo, employee name or simply ‘Safety Card’. The level of description is at the company’s discretion.
Should an employee retire or leave the company’s employ, the Safety Card should be handed back. In the case where the Safety Card is not returned or is lost, management can delete that card from the system at any time using the desktop reader and software package.
The technology embedded in these safety access cards embody a radio frequency chip which can not be duplicated in the field.

PPE Wastage/Shrinkage

With the inbuilt recording feature, Safety Stations keep track of PPE usage. Management is able to identify who is (and importantly who is not) using PPE and how many of any particular item has been dispensed to that employee. Safety Stations curtail any excessive PPE usage.
The mere fact that each PPE selection is being recorded encourages more careful usage.

Advantages of Safety Stations

  • Employees have 24/7 access to PPE.
  • All transactions are recorded.
  • Proven reduced PPE wastage.
  • Reduction in Stores time.
  • Automatic audit trail (especially for re-ordering).
  • OH and S check that staff are using correct PPE.
  • PPE available at the workface.

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